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منحة أكاديمية أجايل لطلاب اليوس - 2022

للدراسة في الجمهورية التركية - جامعات حكومية

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Inbound Marketing is the process of attracting the attention of prospects, via content creation, before they are even ready to buy; it's one of the best and most cost-effective ways to convert strangers into customers and promoters of your business.

Marketing & Business

Integrated Diploma to master modern marketing concepts through marketing funded through the Google and Facebook platforms and some information on design programs such as Photoshop and illustrator and finally web design course in content management system Joomla.

Marketing & Business

Marketing through Google AdWords To reach your prospective customers to achieve the best access to your product or service, you will learn in this diploma on the methods to follow to improve the results of your ads on the search engine Google and other websites

Marketing & Business

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  • 15 Jul 2019

The YÖS (Foreign Student Examination) is an entrance examination designed for foreign students...

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Hyperloop One is an American company in Los Angeles, California, that is working to com...

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Repeat business is essential but in the rush of doing everything it's easy to lose customers w...

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Marketing & Business

Inbound Marketing, Content Optimization Systems, Google Adwords, Facebook Business and more.

Creative Design

Photo Editing, Video Editing, 3D Programs, Photography,Sound Engineering, Drawing and more.

Information Technology

Web design, General Programing, Java, Ruby, JavaScript , php, SQL, Office Programs and more.

distance learning

Distance learning

Agile provides you with all the necessary platforms and tools of distance education ready for you to access knowledge before you reach our seats, applying our methodology - success no less -

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