Steps of the academic process and the electronic system

About Agile Academy's electronic system

The electronic system of Agile Academy is characterized by simple and practical interfaces available in both Arabic and English. In addition, it will be supported by mobile applications in the future. These applications will be available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. The electronic system ensures that the student stays updated with the latest updates on his file and account.      As well as access to all data and information on it easily and quickly and many of the many advantages that will be available to the student immediately after starting to create an account within Agile system  

This system was built in cooperation with highly experienced programmers and based on the Ruby on Rails programming language to ensure speed and maintain the high level of security and privacy for student and subscriber accounts.

Guides & Definitions Video Links

The links below contain introductory videos created by the Technical and Program Section of the Academy to help new students understand the progress of the academic process within Agile Academy Website and virtual platform


Dealing with menus and interfaces for student account


Study plan and handling through the student control panel


Transfer from the study plan to attend virtual class directly


The way to enter Agile Academy and move to the virtual classroom


A quick overview of Agile International Training Academy

Steps of the academic process

  • Step One

    Create a student account for the first time

    Easily create an account and transfer to the student area

  • Step Two

    Go to student area

    Read all the information and instructions listed on the student area page

  • Step Three

    Placement Tests

    Conducting three simple exams in which the student level is determined accurately

  • Step Four

    Typical Classes

    Create Typical classes according to student levels

  • Step Five

    Intensive preparatory courses

    Make the students run a mini intensive course to learn how to handle the platform

  • Step Six

    Begin The study plan

    Receiving the student the study plan and the important dates of the basic lessons and examinations