Digital Certificates from Agile Academy

Electronic Platform & Digital Certificates

AGILE Educational Academy allows its students to take advantage of its electronic platform, which is subject to its policies
AGILE Academy platform is the first of its kind in the Middle East and has been programmed at the highest standards and levels.

Digital certificates are awarded exclusively to students of the Academy, students who have completed one or more of the academic diplomas and have successfully passed these diploma tests

Advantages to Academic Students:

1 - A comprehensive control panel that ensures access to all resources at any time
2 - Constant links to all diplomas and courses offered by the student
3 - Links to the digital certificates of each diploma as a student
4 - Life Time ability to download and share digital certificates.
5 - Reliability of the certificate by global bodies such as HOPSPOT, Facebook Business and others
6 - The certificates are available for download in two formats, .pdf and .jpg, in addition to the possibility of sharing the certificate link on several social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter