Distance Learning Platforms

Agile Academy for Distance Education

Agile distance learning platform offers many advantages. It contributes to preparing students for important university admission exams such as YÖS and SAT exams, as well as full access to the rest of the classes, courses and diplomas offered by the Academy.
Agile Academy's teaching and training staff focuses on providing students with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the learning material on demand and the time that suits them.

Agile provides you with all the necessary platforms and tools of distance education for your access to knowledge before you reach the school seats followed by the methodology - Success .. Nothing Less

Advantages of Agile e-learning platform:

1 -Giving lessons and lectures directly online
2 - Communicate and discuss directly between students and teaching staff
3 - Student access to lectures and lessons at any time
4 - Create a schedule of classes and follow up students' attendance
5 -Create periodic tests and exams to check students' level and focus on their weaknesses
6 - Establishing additional consultation rooms for the lecture
7 - Student access to important documents and files