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Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı.

Yos test is an internationally recognized Turkish test conducted by most Turkish universities. It is an abbreviation for Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı.
All students who have a secondary school certificate (with a college degree) can apply for this test regardless of their rates.
This test is held in one location, which is determined by the university within its campus. The student must attend the university campus in order to attend this test. The only university that the student can attend this test in his country is Istanbul University. There are 65 countries. Countries and the cost of this test vary from university to another, but most universities cost nearly 100 T.L(Turkish Lira) to be paid by bank transfer to the university account.

There are two books of mathematics (two levels), for Department of Intelligence and Department of Engineering, two books for previous information (questions of previous years) and all books belongs to the Turkish company Metropol. Preparation for this test is required. From three to five months.
The registration and entry period for all universities will be from April to June But it remains a test of your ability in mathematics is not often need to know the logic of the question to clarity of the same issue and here ignore the wording of the question in any language will not affect the student in the understanding of the question and the degree of testing but the majority of the universities translated into English and Turkish and Arabic also Some universities , YOS exam is exclusively for testing mathematics subjects

The majority of Turkish universities offer this test at a date set by the university several months ago.

And it contains :

1 - Math Questions
2 - IQ Questions
3 - Geometry Questions

Most universities have 40 questions in mathematics, 35 in intelligence and 5 in engineering, but not necessarily. It is a test that does not have many common criteria among universities because in the end it depends on the vision of each university in the method of sorting students, The number of universities is huge, so you have to know these percentages and the details for each test before you start the registration and what is required of you to determine your arrival to an excellent degree gives you priority in the trade-off.
Some universities, will list questions from chemistry and physics in their yos test, but this inclusion is announced before the test and will not be surprised by these questions when the test will be preceded by knowledge

The approach of each test (for each specific university) is announced on the site of each university itself, and in all cases, the majority of students usually move away from applying for this type of test.
The problem of YOS test is the independence of the exam and its submission in each university on one hand, which leads to the problem of recognition of this exam between the Turkish universities with each other. Some universities issue a list of universities that recognize their exams, while universities that have a high demand of students, especially in my city Istanbul and Ankara to recognize only the exams and refused to provide any other test for another university. In any case, the priority of admission to the student remains to be tested at the same university.

Therefore, many students apply to more than one test for more than one university in order to increase their chances of obtaining a high degree and obtaining a high degree of differentiation for each university, which has a high turnout of students especially in the cities of Istanbul and click on my own and to get out of the cycle of non-recognition of the test. The universities use different abbreviations to refer to this test. They usually put the word "YOS" before it and put the abbreviation of the university itself to denote the independence of that test.

Frequently Asked Question About YÖS Exam

The applications for YÖS are completed through the application system. Applications are accepted within the application period. Applicants should fill in the Candidate Application Form and obtain an Applicant Number.

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