Google Adwords Marketing

Marketing through Google AdWords To reach your prospective customers to achieve the best access to your product or service, you will learn in this diploma on the methods to follow to improve the results of your ads on the search engine Google and other websites

Awarding Body :

Learn the basics of AdWords - Choose where customers see your ads - Create effective text ads
Enhance your ad with extensions - Choose the best campaign types - Organize your campaign for success
Reach customers with targeting - Help customers find you - Control which searches trigger your ads
Win prominent ad placements - Match media cost models with your budget - Determine a good bidding strategy
Manage manual bidding - Manage automated bidding - Adjust bids to favor performers
Align your budget with your goals - Use data to improve campaign results - Improve results with experiments
Course Details
Course Code AG42GA
Class Capacity 5 Student
Class Duration 1 Month
Hours 24 Hours
GLH 45
Course Fees 200 $

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