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More than one billion users on Facebook, which makes up on third of Internet users in the world community, and browse the pages of companies, people and groups for hours and hours. The importance of your company within these pages can not be ignored

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Our Facebook Sales Funnel - How Much You Will Invest on Facebook Ads?
Creating a Stunning Facebook Page for your Business - Discovering the BEST Keywords for your Facebook Page - Creating an Optimized Facebook Page Description with Relevant Keywords - Optimizing your Facebook Page Information - Creating a Professional Facebook Page Cover Image - Facebook Page Apps That will Increase your Traffic - The ONLY WAY to guarantee your Facebook Fans see ALL your Posts - Using the Facebook Call-to-Action Button to Skyrocket your Results - How to Change the Name of your Facebook Page
What's Facebook Live and WHY you need to start using every day! - What do you need to start a Facebook Live (Technology) - Planning your Facebook Live Streaming (Complete Template) - Talking to your Audience - The Best Call to Action on Facebook Live - Let's Do a Facebook Live Session- 3 Way to Reuse your Facebook Live Session for Your Marketing
Knowing the Facebook Ads Manager - Setting up Payment account for your Facebook Ads - Defining your Target Audience - Using all the Power of Facebook Insights to know your Target Audience - Facebook Ads: Creating Your First Ad - Creating the Ad Post - Boosting your Facebook Post - How Much to Invest on Facebook Ads? - Tips to have your Ad Approved by Facebook - Analyzing the Results of your Facebook Ad
Understanding the Facebook Pixel - Creating a Facebook Pixel - Installing the Facebook Pixel on your Website - Checking if the Pixel is working and capturing information - Creating a Target Audience with your Facebook Pixel - Creating your First Super Optimized Ad using Facebook Pixel
How can Facebook Ads Help you if you have a Local Business - This is the Plan for your Local Business - Reaching People around your Business - Creating your Local Business Facebook Ad - Creating your Facebook Ad Image for Local Business
Creating a Powerful Facebook Video Ad - Linking your Facebook and your Instagram Accounts - Creating your First Instagram Ad - Important Tips to have a successful Ad on Instagram - How to 10X the Reach of your Facebook Posts with Videos
Adding the Sign Up button to your Facebook Page - Signing for Auto responder service - Preparing your Free Gift - Signing for Landing Page - Creating the Video Landing Page - Getting your Landing Page Links - Finishing the Sign up Button on Facebook
Adding the Sign Up button to your Facebook Page - Signing for Auto responder service - Preparing your Free Gift
How to Reach 8000+ People with a $3 Ad! - How to Spy on Your Competitors on Facebook - How to Reach ALL your Followers on Facebook - How to download all your Facebook Data to your Computer - How to download any videos from Facebook - Getting Unlimited Royalty Free Images to use on Facebook - Using Facebook Videos on your Website
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Course Code AG43FB
Class Capacity 5 Student
Class Duration 1.5 Month
Hours 30 Hours
GLH 50
Course Fees 200 $

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